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For three years, I enjoyed attending the Poster workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, which famous Polish poster artist Prof. Piotr Kunce ran. 

My posters were exhibited in Poland and internationally at many exhibitions, biennials and triennials.

theatre poster for the play "King Ubu", shows a mask with the pig nose

Poster for the theatre play "King Ubu" by Alfred Jarry

Photo shows many posters hanging on the white wall during international exhibition at Lahti Poster Triennial 2014 in Finland

Lahti Poster Triennial 2014, Finland; photo taken by artist Janika Salonen

photo shows many posters displayed at the exhibition of The 24th Warsaw Poster Biennale
photo of many posters hanging on the blue wall, Bolivia Poster Biennale 2013
minimalistic poster for the musical "Promised Land", shows  a burnt match that looks like a note

Poster for the musical  "The Promised Land" based on the book written by Władysław Stanisław Reymont, directed by Wojciech Kościelniak

photography of posters exhibition in China

My poster "The Promised Land" at the exhibition in China, photo credit: organizers

poster for the Red Cross, illustrating the red cross as a patchwork on a red background

A winner poster of the competition for the Red Cross and the Red Crescent International, the third edition of CREACARTEL 2013, was exhibited in the city of Santa Ana de Coro (Venezuela) in the Santa Rosa Gallery.

poster about a breast cancer, shows one breast with a black ribbon

Poster about a breast cancer

poster illustrating the amount of money that go from taxes in Poland for culture, shows a polish flag, red and white

"1% for culture!" about how much money from taxes goes for the cultural life in Poland 

Poster about imaginary Magicians Congress, shows typography, intersecting linear letters, monochromatic

"Magician's Congress" poster

Poster about the war in Gaza, shows Lego soldiers and a Lego skeleton fighting, black and white

A poster on the GAZA war, exhibited in the public space in Turkey

A poster for the Slovak film Krajinka directed by Martin Sulik, shows a clock on a yellow background

A poster for the Slovak film "Krajinka"" directed by Martin Sulik

poster about transplantology, depicts a safety morcycle helmet laying on the road after an accident

A poster on transplantology

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